Your computer is no longer safe.

Bugs worms and hackers, decked out with the ultimate weapons of warfare, have beset upon your computer with righteous indignation. They're stronger than a virus and with bombs to boot.

It's up to you to take back the network and set things right.

Build an army of tanks and fight for control of the digital resources with this unique artillery-based strategy game.

Download new weapons and units from the grid and bomb your enemies off the network. Dominate the digital landscape with 4 tanks, dozens of weapons, custom maps, and two game modes.

"Digitanks is rather cute."
- Jim Rossignol, RockPaperShotgun
"Digitanks is a quirky, humorous niche game that wants nothing more than to be loved."
- Steve Burke, GamersNexus

Protest SOPA – Pirate Digitanks.
January 18, 2012

Today is Internet Blackout Day, in protest of SOPA. To do my small part in the protest I encourage everybody to pirate Digitanks for free. If this legislation passes then I won’t be able to make a living on the internet, so you may as well pirate my games. You can find a pirated version [...]

Digitanks Linux Version, Open-Source
October 28, 2011

Good news, it seems, still travels in two’s. At least that’s what I said last time and it appears to still be true, as today I have two new morsels of news to share. A lot of you will be pleased to hear that the Linux port of the game is finally done. Now I [...]

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